Posted by Tarek Fadel on September 12th, 2011

Just a couple of links to friends' websites.

  • Brian Baum has a lot of the art-work he has created up on his website.
  • is my friend Kristin Freeman's portfolio website. It contains images of her metalwork and jewelrymaking.
  • Jarrad Taulmans's Blog named One Thousand Lives is a place where my friend likes to vent/rant. Check it out for some amusing (if somewhat distressing) rants.
  • Nic Daniel is a talented Flash Developer. He has most (if not all) of his flash games available on his website.
  • Kristina Rattliff's Webpage (Currently Down)

Other links

  • MH&D Solutions LLC is a company based out of Dubai that offers custom business solutions. I developed the current evolution of the website and as such I feel it deserves a mention on my own website =)