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Posted by Tarek Fadel on September 9th, 2011

I'm a programmer by trade, and although my current job doesn't involve (much) programming I still develop apps which I find useful. What's the point of knowing how to make life easier for oneself if not to... well, make life easier for oneself?

Quick mParking

Posted by Tarek Fadel on September 9th, 2011

Quick mParking is an Android app which will allow you to quickly and easily purchase a parking slip for parking in the UAE.

Download Quick mParking from the following services

SlideME app store.

Direct download QR code:

Get it on Google Play  


Inactive Development

d20 Init and HP tracking app

This application has 2 compnents:

  • Player App: An application that facilitates easy tracking of HP amongst other stats.
  • DM App: This application allows for easy tracking of initiative (and other things).

Filename Size Link
DnD4e Sourcecode.rar 1,589 KB Download
DnD4e DM Application.rar 69 KB Download
DnD4e Setup.rar 428 KB Download